Apartment Tour

A peak into our apartment in progress...

Living Room Area
Living in 500 square feet necessitates the ultimate in multi-functional spaces!  So we've split our living space into living room, library, office and entry way!  It's been fun to learn how to make pretty storage solutions.  I've tried to strike a balance between classic styles and a bit of the rustic/bohemian feel.  My husband and I both wanted our living space to feel lived in and comfortable...

Office Area

We built this about 6 months after we moved in.  I orginally had a large, corner desk here.  However, it was far too bulky for our space.  So we picked up some shelves from IKEA and made a kind of wall unit space.  It's worked really well to help display some of the pictures we've taken and other decorative things!  It's hard to make such a small space not seem too cluttered, but want to be able to display all our family pictures (and our Giants sock monkey!).

Kitchen/Dining Room

I have to say, our kitchen is my least favorite room...not because it's the kitchen--we both love to cook...it's because it's your basic rental kitchen.  Ugly cabinets, old appliances, linoleum and TINY...so I've tried to use some of our prettier dishes to add a classy touch to our not so classy kitchen...
I also added some extra storage and counter space by putting in a small "box" shelf unit using the top as space for a cutting board and the knives.  I found planter baskets at Goodwill and put those up to hold produce that doesn't need to be refrigerated.  


The bedroom has definitely not gotten as much attention as the rest of the apartment, but I've recently tried to put a little more effort into making it our own.  We hung some art that I love, the middle 3 and the mirror are things my mom had hanging in our house, the man in blue I picked up at Goodwill for $3!  The piece above the dresser was a picture we took on a vacation in New York.  Don't mind our wrinkled bedding--can never get it to look totally put together!

So that's our place!!  Hope you like it!!


  1. We took the cabinet doors off under the sink and put in tension rods and $1 Waverly tea towels from the thrift store. Thinking of taking off some upper cabinet doors to open up the galley kitchen and lining the cabinet walls with red gingham plastic table cloths from the $1 Store to match my china cabinet in the dining room. This will show off our glassware and white dishes!

    1. That's a great idea!! I'm sure that looks lovely.

  2. Your place looks great. Have you taken a look at apartmenttherapy.com ? I love the way they show different apartments and the way they set them up. Yours is wonderful. I lived in Seattle a year ago. I moved to Seattle in April and lived downtown in Pike Place Market. Some days it was Great.... and some days were frustrating. But I did love it all no matter what. But it was time to move on.. and now I live in Tacoma,which by the way am looking now to move to Spokane,WA only because it is so expensive living in the Western part of Washington for me.

    Your little apartment is really cute and I will take away lots of ideas for my next apartment.... .

    1. Thanks so much! Good luck with your move, I hope you find something you love!! Make sure to follow me to keep updated on all my DIYs! :)

    2. Apartment Therapy is great!! So many great ideas and home tours!

  3. Really cute and a great use of space.