Monday, November 18, 2013

Bedroom Update

Since we've moved into this apartment my focus has really been on the main living areas.  Our bedroom has really been neglected--so I've been working on making it a more complete space that is actually inviting and somewhere we would want to spend time in.

Here's what the bedroom looked like about a month or so ago...

Here's our new space...

I updated these great yard sale lamps and made some new pillow shams (tutorials for both projects will be posted soon)!  I felt like the matching duvet cover and shams were way too matchy-matchy and I wanted to add some extra pattern and color.  I really love the addition of a geometric pattern--I think it adds interest and makes the bed look a little less girly.  I also recently posted about my nightstand update (here) and free dresser makeover (here).

I also found these great new pots ($3 each, I love Goodwill!) for our plants that add a bit of color and interest

I finally feel like our bedroom feels like a real, grown-up bedroom--not just a room that's been thrown together.

What do you think of my bedroom update?

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  1. It does look all grown up, and like you'd want to jump in and be all snuggly! Very nice job!