Saturday, September 7, 2013

Adding a Little Luxury to a Tiny Bathroom

Ok, so I have a postage stamp sized bathroom–you can actually reach all four walls by standing in the middle!  That being said, decorating can be a challenge.  It’s hard to not make it feel so utilitarian.
Being obsessed with Pinterest, I ran across this picture and fell in love with the idea.

Obviously this persons bathroom is a lot bigger than mine, since they can actually get a picture of the whole length of the curtains in one shot!  haha
Luckily, our apartment does have high ceilings, I figured if I couldn’t make the bathroom feel larger, I could show off its height.  I had some long, muslin curtains that were just sitting in my closet so I bought a gray tension rod and hung them at ceiling height.  The only problem with this project was the fact that shower liners aren’t made as long–so I couldn’t get rid of that extra tension rod in the middle.
I think the yards and yards of muslin not only add height, but some romance to such a tiny place.  I also love having two separate curtains, it seems to add the luxe factor.
Yep, that’s the whole room!
Here’s a couple of other detail shots of the other things I’ve done.
This is an old dresser drawer I found at a flea market, they lined it with old Census data.
A fantastic gift I received from a friend–a scrapped clock!
Hope this inspires you to add a little extra luxury to your bathroom!
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