Saturday, September 7, 2013

Estate Sale Steal Update!

A couple of weeks ago I posted about these great prints my husband and I picked up at an estate sale.  Well, I tried a couple of the mold fighting techniques I found online…let me just say, the microwave DOES NOT work.  I have no idea why that is even out there!  (I just tried it on one of the mats, so I didn’t damage my prints, but it did stink up my apartment for quite awhile!)  What I ended up doing was using a toothbrush that was BARELY wet with a little bit of vinegar to try to brush off as much as I could.  Luckily the prints were dry when I got them–so the mold was mostly dried out.  To be honest–my little toothbrush trick didn’t do a whole lot.  You can still see traces of mold on one of the prints, but I plan on just enjoying them until I can’t anymore.  Sorry, I didn’t take pictures of my toothbrush experiment–still getting used to this whole blogging thing!

A few people suggested I get the prints appraised and professional preserved, I did some research and these prints just aren’t worth enough to put that much money in.  So I decided to do a DIY and try my hand at cutting a custom mat (since the prints are odd-sized)–then I went to Michaels…
Can I just say, the people at Michaels were so nice!  I found a pack of simple black frames that were similar to the original (we only reframed 2 of the 3)–I talked to the matting department and they were able to cut a custom mat and frame and wire both prints for $50–including the frames!  It only took about 2 days and they were really great!  I highly recommend using their service, sometimes it’s better to just pay the professionals! haha
Eventually I think we’ll get the middle one framed as well with a matching mat–but just enjoying them for now!

Really loving the way it pulls our living room together.  I like that now there’s a little bit more of a focal point than just the TV.
Sorry–couldn’t get rid of the shine on the far left!

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