Saturday, September 7, 2013

Estate Sale Steal!

So my husband and I stopped by the final minutes of an estate sale today and found these really great old prints!  I guess sometimes the late bird does catch the worm!  They were published by Vanity Fair (these are obviously prints of originals) in the late 1800s and are of prominent political figures of the time.  They’re called “Men of the Day.”  
Anyway, since it was the final minutes they were in a great bargaining mood!  So we got 3 prints and a silver tray all for $50!  One of the prints was originally $65!  We’re super stoked on them, but now need to clean them up and hang!  
Two of them have some mold damage, it’s mostly on one.  Not sure how to get rid of the mold though?  I’ve heard that you can put them in plastic bags and put them in the freezer and then brush off the mold.  Want some feed back before I ruin them in one foul swoop!  Has anyone dealt with mold on paper before?  Any successful ways to get the mold off before re-matting and framing?


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